61 AMPs in the APD have been demonstrated to have chemotactic activity
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AP00094 : 2MAA , Name: Temporin A (temporin-1Ta; temporin-Ta; TA; Leu-rich; XXA; UCLL1c; frog, amphibians, animals; ZZP)

AP00095 : 6GIL , Name: Temporin B (temporin-1Tb; temporin-Tb; TB; Leu-rich; XXA, UCLL1c; frog, amphibians, animals; ZZP)

AP00166 : 1Z64 , Name: Pleurocidin (NRC-4, NRC-04; WF2; XXA; fish, animals, UCLL1)

AP00176 : 3GNY , Name: human neutrophil peptide-1 (HNP-1, HNP1, alpha Defensin, UCSS1a; lectin; primates, mammals, animals; XXX; ZZHh, BBS; BBL; BBW; 3S=S)

AP00177 : 1ZMI , Name: human neutrophil peptide-2 (HNP-2, HNP2, alpha Defensin, lectin; UCSS1a; primates, mammals, animals; ZZHh, BBS; 3S=S; BBMm)

AP00178 : 1DFN , Name: human neutrophil peptide-3 (HNP-3, HNP3, alpha Defensin, UCSS1a; primates, mammals, animals; lectin; ZZHh, BBS; 3S=S)

AP00283 : 1KJ6 , Name: Human beta defensin 3 (hBD-3, hBD3, or DEFB103, human defensin, 3S=S, UCSS1a; primates, mammals, animals; ZZHh; BBBh2o; BBW; JJsn)

AP00310 : 2K6O , Name: LL-37 [LL37; FALL-39; cathelicidin; UCLL1; human; chimpanzee; primates, mammals, animals; XXX; XXY; XXZ; BBBh2o, BBBm; BBMm, BBPP, BBN, BBL, BBrsg, JJsn; Derivatives: many)

AP00521 : Ref , Name: Protonectin (insects, arthropods, invertebrates, animals; XXA)

AP00524 : 1FD3 , Name: Human beta defensin 2 (hBD-2; hBD2; UCSS1a; human, primates, mammals, animals; ZZHh; 3S=S; JJsn)

AP00541 : Ref , Name: Polybia-MPI (Polybia-MP-I; insects, arthropods, invertebrates, animals, XXA; VIHNN; in vivo test)

AP00542 : Ref , Name: Polybia-CP (insects, arthropods, invertebrates, animals, XXA; BBMm)

AP00675 : Ref , Name: Human beta defensin 4 (hBD-4, hBD4; UCSS1a; primates, mammals, animals; 3S=S)

AP00764 : Ref , Name: Dermaseptin-S9 (DRS-S9, Dermaseptin S9, DRS S9, UCLL1; frog, amphibians, animals; ZZH)

AP00857 : Ref , Name: Catestatin (human CHGA(352-372), SL21, human Cst; a neuropeptide; primates, mammals, animals)

AP01161 : 1L9L , Name: Human granulysin (GNLY, huGran, NKG5; formerly 519; a saposin-like protein, SAPLIP; 3S=S; UCSS1a; primates, mammals, animals; ZZP; VIHNN; BBMm; BBL; JJsn; Derivatives: G13)