APD has 35 antiparasital peptides
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AP00708 : 2L5M , Name: GF-17 (GF17; XXA; ZZHs, synthetic; Other derivatives: FK-16; GI-20, FK-13, retro-FK13, or LLAA; GF17d3; GF-17d3; 17BIPHE2; merecidin)

AP00898 : Ref , Name: Temporin-SHa (temporin SHa; Temporin-1Sa, Temp-1Sa; XXA; UCLL1c; frog, amphibians, animals)

AP01007 : 2JMY , Name: CM15 (a hybrid peptide of Cecropin1-8 + Melittin3-9; Synthetic; Other derivatives: CAMEL, CP-29)

AP01389 : Ref , Name: Dermaseptin 01 (DRS-01, DRS 01; DRS01; DS-01; DS 01; DShypo 05; XXA; UCLL1c; frog, amphibians, animals; ZZP)

AP01633 : Ref , Name: WLBU2 (Trp-substituted derivative with two lytic base units, Arg-rich; Val-rich; synthetic)

AP02570 : Ref , Name: GL13K (a derivative of GL13NH2; BBL; BBMm; XXA; UCLL1c; synthetic)

AP02708 : Ref , Name: hLF(1-11) (hLF1-11, first 11 residues, human lactoferrin; synthetic; UCLL1a; Derivatives: hLF(21-31))

AP02709 : Ref , Name: Melimine (a hybrid peptide of melittin and protamine, synthetic, UCLL1a)

AP02776 : Ref , Name: IDR-1010 (synthetic)

AP02855 : Ref , Name: IG-25 (synthetic; UCLL1a)

AP02856 : Ref , Name: TetraF2W-RK (W312; Trp-rich; synthetic; BBmM; UCLL1a; XXA)

AP02857 : Ref , Name: Inverso-CysHHC10 (synthetic; XXA)

AP02858 : Ref , Name: Tet000 (synthetic)

AP02868 : Ref , Name: Tet033 (synthetic)

AP02869 : Ref , Name: Tet037 (synthetic)

AP02871 : Ref , Name: Tet091 (synthetic)