APD has 42 antiparasital peptides
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AP00125 : Ref , Name: Cecropin B (XXA; insects, arthropods, invertebrates, animals)

AP00134 : P14661 , Name: Cecropin P1 (CP1, roundworms, nematode; invertebrates, animals; revisited; BBL)

AP00144 : 2MAG , Name: Magainin 2 (Magainin II, PGS; Hebrew word for "shield"; UCLL1; frog, amphibians, animals. Derivatives: MSI-78, = pexiganan, pexiganan acetate, or cytolex, loxilex; clinical trials; MSI-594; MSI-99.

AP00150 : 1G89 , Name: Indolicidin (IR13; Tet083; XXA, Trp-rich, bovine cathelicidin, cattle, ruminant, animals; BBN; BBPP/BBII; Derivatives: CP-11, MBI-549, Omiganan pentahydrochloride (formerly MBI 226; MBI-226), Clinic

AP00152 : 1D6X , Name: Tritrpticin (tritrypticin, SN13, Trp-rich; porcine cathelicidin; mammals, animals; SeqAR; Derivatives)

AP00205 : 1WCO , Name: Nisin A (NisaplinTM, ChrisinTM, food additive E234; lantibiotic, type 1, class 1 bacteriocin, Gram-positive bacteria, prokaryotes; XXT5; XXW3; UCSS1b; ZZS; BBW; BBMm; JJsn; Variants: nisin AP)

AP00310 : 2K6O , Name: LL-37 [LL37; FALL-39; cathelicidin; UCLL1; human; chimpanzee; primates, mammals, animals; XXX; XXY; XXZ; BBBh2o, BBBm; BBMm, BBPP, BBN, BBL, BBrsg, JJsn; Derivatives: GF-17, IG-25, KR-12, etc.

AP00339 : P83545 , Name: Chrysophsin-1 (CHY1; madai, fish, animals; XXA; BBMm )

AP00366 : 2KET , Name: BMAP-27 (BMAP27, bovine myeloid antimicrobial peptide 27; bovine cathelicidin, cattle, ruminant, animals; ZZHs; ZZP; Derivatives: BMAP-18 and BMAP-15)

AP00505 : P15516 , Name: human Histatin 5 (hst5; primates, mammals, animals; ZZHs; BBII; derivatives: Dh-5; Dhvar5; Dhvar4; demegen P-113; P113; Clinical)

AP00608 : Ref , Name: KR-12 (KR12, a minimal AMP from parent cathelicidin, UCLL1; synthetic; XXA)

AP00708 : 2L5M , Name: FK-16 (FK16; occasionally LL16; variant GF-17; GF17; XXA; ZZHs, synthetic; Other derivatives: GI-20, FK-13, retro-FK13, or LLAA; GF17d3; GF-17d3; 17BIPHE2=merecidin)

AP00898 : Ref , Name: Temporin-SHa (temporin SHa; Temporin-1Sa, Temp-1Sa; XXA; UCLL1c; frog, amphibians, animals)

AP01007 : 2JMY , Name: CM15 (a hybrid of Cecropin1-8 + Melittin3-9; Synthetic; Other derivatives: CAMEL, CP-29)

AP01389 : Ref , Name: Dermaseptin 01 (DRS-01, DRS 01; DRS01; DS-01; DS 01; DShypo 05; XXA; UCLL1c; frog, amphibians, animals; ZZP)

AP01633 : Ref , Name: WLBU2 (Trp-substituted derivative with two lytic base units, Arg-rich; Val-rich; synthetic)