APD has 62 antibiofilm peptides
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AP00605 : Ref , Name: Temporin-1CEb (UCLL1c; frog, amphibians, animals; XXA; BBL)

AP00871 : Ref , Name: Temporin 1OLa (XXA, Temporin-1OLa, UCLL1c; frog, amphibians, animals. More AMPs?)

AP00897 : Ref , Name: NA-CATH (N. atra cathelicidin; snake, reptiles, animals)

AP01434 : Ref , Name: Temporin-PTa (XXA; frog, amphibians, animals: ZZH; UCLL1c; Derivatives: DASamP1)

AP01578 : Ref , Name: Myxinidin (hagfish, fish, animals; XXA; UCLL1; Derivatives: Myxinidin1; Myxinidin2; Myxinidin3; WMR)

AP01581 : Ref , Name: Phylloseptin-1 (Phylloseptin-S1, PLS-S1; Phylloseptin-PSN1, PSN-1, UCLL1c; frog, amphibians, animals; XXA)

AP01640 : Ref , Name: Polybia-MP-II (Polybia-MPII; insects, arthropods, invertebrates, animals; XXA)

AP01976 : 2LN4 , Name: Coprisin (defensin-like peptide; UCSS1a; 3S=S, insects, arthropods, invertebrates, animals; Derivatives: CopA3)

AP02065 : Ref , Name: Datucin (glycopeptide; plants; XXG; XXK)

AP02075 : 1M8A , Name: CCL20 (macrophage inflammatory protein-3alpha, MIP-3alpha; Liver and activation-regulated chemokine, LARC; CC family; UCSS1a; 2S=S, humans; primates, mammals, animals)

AP02126 : Ref , Name: UyCT3 (OcyC1; NDBP-5.7; scorpions, arachnids, Chelicerata, arthropods, invertebrates, animals; XXA, UCLL1c)

AP02204 : Ref , Name: Colistin A (Polymyxin E1); colistin B (Polymyxin E2); lactam, XXD; XXL; XXJ; UCSB1a; lipopeptides; nonribosomally synthesized peptide antibiotic; bacteria; BBL; BBMm, prokaryotes; Prodrug: Sodium col

AP02235 : Ref , Name: TsAP-2 (NDBP-4.23, T. serrulatus antimicrobial peptide 2; scorpions, arachnids, Chelicerata, arthropods, invertebrates, animals; UCLL1a)

AP02243 : Ref , Name: Gramicidin S (Gramicidin Soviet, GS; nonribosomally synthesized peptide antibiotic; bacteria; prokaryotes; XXC; XXD2; UCBB1a; BBMm; JJsn)

AP02520 : Ref , Name: Enterocin O16 (EntV; bacteriocins; Gram-positive bacteria, prokaryotes)

AP02570 : Ref , Name: GL13K (a derivative of GL13NH2; BBL; BBMm; XXA; UCLL1c; synthetic)